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Date Posted: 09/17/09

Arriving in Puerto Galera (Sept 17)

By: Arturo Valdez

It was a busy day. The DOT
and LGU of Puerto Galera took us around to visit historical and tourism
spots the whole morning. In the afternoon, we had simultaneous symposiums
at the Puerto Galera Government Center attended by student leaders and
at the beach by students from Puerto Galera National High School. We
brought select representatives of the youth and students for an experience
to board the Balangay and got inspired by the enthusiastic and warm
response of the young to learn about the proud maritime heritage of
their forefathers

It was also a meaningful day
for us knowing that the very spot this ancient Balangay was anchored
was also the same place that Spanish Galleons used to seek protection
centuries ago.

We had a talked with the local
fishermen and were advised that the developing westerly wind and the
current can easily bring us to Calapan the next day.

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