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Date Posted: 12/10/09

Puerto Galera and Calapan

By: Janet Sardena

Sept 16-  we left Calatagan for Puerto Galera. Our stay in sir Jake's rest house was short but sweet ( nakakataba nga kasi ang daming hipon at iba't ibang sea foods! ). As part of the advance party, I got the chance to ride in the boat for the first time ( together with carina) we were pretty excited and anxious kasi baka mahilo kame at mawalan ng poise sa bangka! but the ride was fine and fun! it was a beautiful day to sail! We were suppose to dock at muelle bay but the Coast Guard advised us to dock at the White beach  for better access both for docking and public viewing. Malayo palang, we saw white sandy area. we kept heading towards there thinking that it was the white beach area na sinabi kanina. Pag dating doon around lunchtime, it was La Laguna Bay area pala! akala namin yun na yung white beach, kasi nga white ang beach e! we  waited for the lunch hosted by DA (Ms Lorna and Ms. Kat). sa sobrang gutom ng mga nasa boat, they ate the "fried yesterday" shrimp, kanya kanyang subo pa kamo at diskarte, ayun...nag TAE kwondo silang lahat ( JP, Jobet, Ca, at  pastor )!But thanks to Doc Ted, as always to the rescue, they easily recovered. yun nga lang they missed the next day's visit to the mangyan village,muelle beach, white beach (yung totoo na) at and ponderosa point (overlooking all the coves/ bays of puerto galera) below :)








Sept 18- we left Puerto Galera for Calapan. We were welcomed very warmly there and we had a good time with the Halcon Moutaineers (HALMS) that night. Salamat din kay sir Orly Dizon ng Tourism.

























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