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Date Posted: 12/27/09

boracay, Ibajay to Batan/ Kalibo

By: Janet Sardena

Sept 28-Oct 4 :

 After being stranded in Looc, we were stranded again in Boracay! ( kawawa nga kame, bora lang naman :) ) nWe stayed in Fairways for our 1st 2 days ( sosyal!)  thanks to sir Ike. then we went to BBC ( Boracay Beach Club). It is also in Boracay where SRV BP Nueva Vizcaya headed back to Tablas area to do a real rescue mission because of the typhoon. we bid Capt Velasco and his crew a heartfelt goodbye, we sure will miss them! For the remaining stranded days in bora, the team conducted disaster management, tree planting, interviews, symposiums and of course the undying and unending picture taking, gimik sa gabi at sight seeing hehe!


Oct 5:

Sir Art and Doc Ted left for Manila. Kuya Rey became the skipper. We left for Ibajay that day. Our unplanned visit in Ibajay turned out to be very enjoyable. The hospitable Mayor Miraflores accommodated us in her home with a bountiful dinner. Sarap ng polvoron! Salamat din kay sir Joven Seville, ang kinulit namin ng advance party sa biglang dalaw namin sa Ibajay.


Oct 6-7 :

We reached Batan, what a  warm welcome by the local people and students! It is one of the few rare moments that Diwata docked into a port with her sails up, kakatindig balahibo sa sobrang ganda! Principal Salazar was also very kind to set up everything. she welcomed us in her school and in her beautiful house! It is also in Batan where the shrine of the code of kalantiaw is located. it's very sad that it was not managed very well and now in near abandonment. we spent the night in Kalibo. we were pickled up by Aileen Quimpo, a very good friend of mine and a teammate in UP dragonboat team. She is also the daughter of the former congressman of Kalibo, Cong. Alen Quimpo. We had a very serious and intellectual discussions during the symposium the next day with the kalibo historians and students. La pa naman si sir Art and Doc but Sir fred and I tried to answer their questions to the best of our abilities:) We were both educated and enlightened with all the thigns we learned during that symposium and we are more inspired to use Balangay voyage in enriching our people with our glorius past.

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