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Date Posted: 12/28/09

Loay, Jagna and Lapinig/ Carlos P. Garcia is.

By: Janet Sardena

Nov 15:


We left after lunch for Loay since the team watched the " pacquiao-cotto" fight that morning. We camped in the pier that night and had a good get together. WE had a good dinner, good camp and bright stars that night...


Nov 16-17:


As part of the advance party, we held a symposium that morning before we left for Jagna. The boat reached port of Jagna around lunchtime. The kids were very eager to ask questions while waiting for the boat, napaghalohalo na nga ang mga tanong, pano ba daw kame pumuntang everest, nakasakay ng balangay??? yet you have to answer these kids correctly because you know they are eager to learn. People flocked the pier just to take a glimpse ofthe boat. They also started giving food and kalamay as an expression of their appreciation of our visit.


Nov 18-19:


Our experience in the  humble island of Lapinig/ Carlos P. Garcia was an exciting one. the people there thought that we will install their electricity. they heard that a certain USEC wil visit their place and that they beamed with hope that their basic needs will be finally addressed. I think we became a hope for them and that is the very essence of the balangay, giving hope and showing that nothing is impossible. of course we did not provide them electricity but now we can extend their needs to the right authorities.  It was kind of surprising and touching how the people , especially the kids welcomed us there. with cartolina and crayons, they made a welcome

banner for us. the food was gooooddd!!!


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