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Date Posted: 08/12/10

August 10, 2010

By: Arturo Valdez

August 10, 2010

6:50 AM - Balangay flotilla lifted anchor in Bongao Port, Tawi-Tawi and will make another try to Sibutu Island. Skies clear though wind is blowing 12 knots. Good weather. Once we cross the rough waters below Bongao Peak, we will be on our way to our 77th port stop.

7:48 AM - Weather is clear and seas calmer than yesterday. We're crossing Sibutu channel after passing the cross currents beside Bongao Peak. We see a lot of giant foreign  vessels and traffic traversing the channel freely. Tawi-Tawi province wanted to regulate and charge fees for these traffic using their water ways to no avail.

10:45 AM - Balangay flotilla 5 NM away from Sibutu. Skies clear and we can see the clear outline of the island of Borneo and state of Sabad. A few more days we will be in foreign waters. Also Sibutu Port can now clearly be seen. The Sama seafarers and boat builders are all excited to show what they have accomplished in building and sailing with the Balangays to their community of Sibutu and Sitangkay, home of the Sama people.

12:00 PM - Arrived Sibutu and welcomed by the community with fanfare led by Sibutu Mayor Haji Kuyo. We had taken good shots while sailing in formation. Inquirer's Fung Yo already posted this in his Facebook account. Tomorrow we will travel to Sitangkay, our 78th stop.
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