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Date Posted: 12/09/10

December 2, 2010 - Antique

By: Arturo Valdez

6:03 AM - Departed Port of San Jose for Buruanga 68 NM away. After our symposium at Antique National Schools, the Balangays at port were visited until late last night by students and residents. Cmdr. Jun Senador of PCG San Jose Station ensured that we were fed well last night. Some drinks plus a serenade by the locals kept the evening fun-filled. We have to thank SB Dante Beriong and the Antique Provincial Officials for the warm and comfortable welcome.

6:43 AM - We're moving parallel to Antique coastline, skies sunny but up against 4 ft swell, character of this waters during Northeast monsoon. I have to thanks Juliet de Vera, an avid fan of the Balangay for the 'piayaya' and sunkist her sister brought to us last night. The warm welcome of Antiqueno more than compensated the tough crossing to make it in Panay.

10:15 AM - Our landing 10 AM in Malandog River, Hamtic and visit at the marker of First Malay Settlement are highlights of our stop. Possibly descendants of the 10 Bornean Datus met us at the shoreline and quite amazed to see their bronze colored brothers coming from a real 'Barangay' boats similar to their 'Binirayan' reenactment of the Bornean landings. The local media gave us good coverage bringing the locals to see the 'Barangay' at the port. Just like in Butuan, the visit stirred and rekindled the pride of Antiquenos especially the youth to their colorful pre-colonial history.

4:41 PMM - Decided to seek shelter at Libertad town. Winds blowing at 18 knots towards Libertad. Balangay Masawa can't go further and need some repairs and check up. Banging against NE wind and wave too much for Balangays wooden hull. If everything okay we leave at 5 AM towards Buruanga. We have to traverse that waters before NE wind blows heavily.
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