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Date Posted: 02/01/11

January 26, 2011 - Facing Amihan winds

By: Arturo Valdez

10:00 AM - As soon as we got out of the western tip of Masbate facing east, Northeast wind Amihan is already kicking 15- to 20-ft. swells and strong winds. It's 'Caluya' and 'Semirara' waters all over again. We planned to cross from the western tip to the southern tip of Masbate but the broadside hits of the big swells at our portside forced us to move east facing head-on the Amihan wind but we're inching closer to mainland Central Masbate for shelter. After 4 hours of rough sailing, central Masbate has provided some cover. Last night, the Balangays were subjected to rolling and pitching movements because we hardly had cover in our anchorage at Pulang Duta, Balud in the western tip of the big island. We look forward to docking at a port nearby, getting fresh provisions and sleeping in less swaying conditions.

5:55 PM - It was a rough ride whole day. Seas was all white capped and the Northeast wind is unleashing its full fury. We were frantic to look for a shelter anywhere but Masbate western coastline is shallow and full of hidden reefs. I keep on calling the Coast Guard if they can recommend a shelter nearby. We're lucky to find two small islands and a sandbar as cover for the rampaging waves and tack out way until we get closer to shoreline and got the Amihan behind our back. Finally we saw a sheltered cover in Cauayan and by 2 PM we docked at its port. Luckily, we can rewater and got our first bath after 3 days.
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