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Date Posted: 02/01/11

February 2, 2011

By: Arturo Valdez

10:00 AM - Since we sought shelter along Agusan River and dropped anchor in the banks of Brgy Bading,half of the crew stayed and watched the Balangays as the swollen river risen to additional 3 ft high. The swift current at one time was running at 16knots per hour. The other half of the team joined in the rescue operation of the city the whole day yesterday and came back midnight rescuing to safety more than a hundred people mostly women and children. Today the full brunt of the LPA is hitting the eastern half of Mindanao and we found ourselves smack in the center of this calamitous weather - the banks of Agusan River. We opted to stay at our present position because no better place to shelter plus the current is so strong to venture midstream. We don't know when the weather improves but I have decided to go down into dry lands today with the help of 'Tiririt' to attend an event in Cabadbaran, Agusan del
Norte.Half of the crew will remain aboard to ensure that the 2 Balangay boats are safe and well-anchored. At least, this is more preferable than battling 15-20ft waves in the turbulent
seas of Northeastern Mindanao, the center of an LPA for the past 3 days.The rest of the team is arriving today and tomorrow if ever flights are allowed to resume again for our Feb 4 welcome ceremonies.
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