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Date Posted: 06/03/11

April 5, 2011 - Sheltered On Land

By: Arturo Valdez

Finally, Diwata ng Lahi and Sama TawiTawi are well sheltered on land; Diwata at the National Museum for posterity and Sama Tawitawi temporarily for repairs and refurbishing in Calumangan, Bago  City, Negros Occ. My main concern and worry that they will be left in the waters and perennially exposed to the vagaries of the weather caused me plenty of uneasiness. The horrifying sight of ships and fishing boats piled after another on the wake of typhoon “Frank” or a tsunami keep me restless until I safely secured them out of the waters. The experience of taking them out of the waters and put them on land is no  different from going through very rough waters. It has not been that easy to take the Balangays on land for they simply refused and threw all the
stumbling blocks to forestall it. It took me more than two months after several attempts plus constructing two sturdy trailers to serve as carriers to finally succeed. This may
sound unbelievable but I have to talk to the “spirit of our forefathers” who is on board the balangays that being on land is only temporary because we will be going back to the sea again. After I earnestly pleaded with them did I succeed in bringing the boats out of the waters; Diwata on March 24 and Sama TawiTawi travelling on busy Bacolod City
Street and highway for 15kms. on April 4. That heavy burden of responsibility is off my shoulder now and can rest and take it easy after almost three (3) years in the project. The Voyage of the Balangay is temporarily on a break until further notice.

Meanwhile the other Balangay, Masawa Hong Butuan is safely anchored along the banks of Agusan River and well taken cared by Butuan Global Forum and the Butuan community.

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