Balangay Video Playlist

Puerto Galera

participated in the International Coastal Clean Up Day Sept 19 in Calapan organized by Conservation International and the Dep Ed enjoining students to undertake coastal clean-up.
  • 1.Sama TawiTawi at Bacolod City port ready to move to her final destination-Calumangan, Bago
    Sama Tawi-Tawi's Final Destination
  • 12.Diwata finally secured on land and place in history.jpg
    Diwata Ng Lahi at the National Museum
  • 1 Diwata waiting to be pulled on land upon high tide at the Philippine Coast HQ-Manila-March 24, 201
    Diwata Ng Lahi at the National Museum
  • balangay3.jpg
    Balangay Flotilla's Arrival in Manila
  • balangay1.jpg
    Aerial Shots of Balangay Flotilla
  • sihanoukvilletokertih09.JPG
    Sihanouk Ville to Kertih
  • sihanoukvilletosiemreap04.JPG
    Sihanouk Ville to Siem Reap
  • kohkongtosihanoukville08.JPG
    Koh Kong to Sihanouk Ville
  • bangkoktokohkong15.JPG
    Bangkok to Koh Kong
  • bangkok03.JPG
  • khanomtobangkok10.JPG
    Khanom to Bangkok
  • kertihtotambelan10.JPG
    Kertih to Tambelan
  • kertihtokuching05.JPG
    Going Back to Kertih - Kuching
  • tambelan09.JPG
  • taprohm01.JPG
    Ta Prohm, Cambodia
  • cambodiaisland03.JPG
    Cambodia Island
  • angkorwat17.JPG
    Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  • angkorthom02.JPG
    Angkor Thom, Cambodia
  • angkorthom04.JPG
    Angkor Thom, Cambodia
  • balangay-terrangganu-incoming-03.JPG
  • balangay-singapore-city-tour-23.JPG
  • balangay-sandakan-22.JPG
  • balangay-pulau-tigabu-kodat-kota-belud-15.JPG
    Pulau Tigabu, Kodat and Kota Belud
  • balangay-labuan-28.JPG
  • balangay-kuching-39.JPG
  • balangay-kuantan-city-malaysia-40.JPG
    Kuantan City, Malaysia
  • balangay-kirtih-malaysia-08.JPG
    Kirtih Malaysia
  • balangay-indonesia-31.JPG
  • balangay-brunei-07.JPG
    Brunei 2
  • balangay-bangkok-thailand-35.JPG
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • balangay-entering-malaysia-18.JPG
    Entering Malaysia
  • bruneiTOmiri24.JPG
    Brunei to Miri
  • brunei25.JPG
  • DSC_0107.JPG
    Labuan to Brunei
  • DSC_0132.JPG
    Labuan to Brunei
  • DSC_0089.JPG
    Kota Kinabalu to Labuan
  • DSC_0023.JPG
    Kota Kinabalu to Labuan
  • kotakinabalu06.JPG
    Kota Kinabalu
  • kotakinabalu01.JPG
    Kota Kinabalu
  • kotakinabalu10.JPG
    Kota Kinabalu
  • balangay-sitangkai2008.JPG
    Sitangkay enroute to Sindakan
  • balangay-turtle-island011.JPG
    Turtle Island
  • balangay-simunol-islands039.JPG
    Simunol Islands
  • balangay-bonggao-sibuto002.JPG
    Bonggao to Sibuto
  • balangay-langoyan-part2-039.JPG
    Langoyan 2
  • balangay-jolo-sulu016.JPG
    Jolo Sulu
  • balangay-jolo-sulu007.JPG
    Jolo Sulu
  • balangay-bongao05.JPG
  • balangay-jolo-to-languyan13.JPG
    Jolo to Languyan
  • balangay-jolo45.jpg
  • balangay-cawit-to-paseo05.jpg
    Cawit to Paseo
  • balangay-sato-raypon-dry-dock28.jpg
    Dry Dock
  • balangay-dapitan-to-zamboanga12.jpg
    Dapitan to Zamboanga
  • balangay-camiguin-to-dapitan21.jpg
    Camiguin to Dapitan
  • balangay-sama-send-off40.jpg
    Sending Off Sama Tawi
  • balangay-sama-send-off03.jpg
    Sending Off Sama Tawi
  • balangayolutanga04.JPG
  • balangayglansarangani13.jpg
    Glan, Sarangani
  • balangaygeneralsantos01.jpg
    Arrival in General Santos
  • balangaygeneralsantos23.jpg
    Arrival in General Santos
  • balangaykiamba07.JPG
  • balangaykalamansig34.JPG
  • balangaydavaogulfsato04.JPG
    Rough Ride Entering the Davao Gulf
  • balangaydeparturezamboanga15.JPG
    Departure Zamboanga City
  • balangayrepairszamboanga14.JPG
    Repairs at Zamboanga Navy Base
  • balangaypaseodelmar04.JPG
    Paseo Del Mar, Zamboanga City
  • balangayPCGThanksgiving04.JPG
    PCG Thanksgiving
  • balangaycoastalcleanup17.JPG
    Coastal Clean Up Feb. 27, 2010
  • balangaynavyzamboanga28.JPG
    Arrivial in Zamboanga City
  • balangaysibuco03.JPG
    Sibuco, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangaysiocon25.JPG
    Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangaylabason70.JPG
    Labason, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangaysindangan59.JPG
    Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangayconcepcion005.JPG
    Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangaydapitan17.JPG
    Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangaysymposiuminozamis07.JPG
    Symposium in Ozamis
  • balangaydapitan02.JPG
  • balangayinitaokids13.JPG
    Kids of Initao
  • balangayiligan14.JPG
  • balangayholcimswelcomelugait23.JPG
    Holcim's Welcome in Lugait
  • balangayapproachingiligan10.jpg
    Approaching Illigan
  • balangayandybday12.JPG
    Andy's Birthday
  • balangaycagayandeoro36.JPG
    Cagayan De Oro
  • balangay-butuan-send-off21.jpg
    Send off Ceremony from Butuan
  • balangay-butuan-launching-sponsors05.jpg
    Balangay Sponsors
  • balangay-masawa-hong-butuan-launching17.jpg
    Masawa Hong Butuan Launching
  • balangay-building-site-visitors29.jpg
    Balangay Visitors
  • balangay-butuan-UN-Ambassador-visit03.jpg
    UN Ambassador Visits the Butuan Site
  • balangay-dr-ted-birthday02.jpg
    Dr. Ted's Birthday
  • balangay-flooded-site-butuan02.JPG
    Balangay Work Area Flooded in Butuan
  • balangay-installing-yakal-mast09.jpg
    Installing Yakal Mast
  • balangay-repairs-sail-butuan02.jpg
    Repairs of Sail and Boodle Fight w/ the Phil. Navy
  • balangay-repairs-diwata09.jpg
    Repairs of Diwata
  • balangay-building-bigger-tiririt04.jpg
    Building a bigger "Tiririt"
  • balangay-building-masawa-hong-butuan08.JPG
    Building of Masawa Hong Butuan
  • balangay-balingoan-misamis-oriental05.jpg
    Balingoan, Misamis Oriental
  • balangay-agusan-del-norte03.jpg
    Carmen, Agusan del Norte
  • balangay-agusan-national-highschool05.jpg
    Agusan National High School Symposium
  • balangaybutuancity-symposium-launching21.JPG
    Symposium and Launching in Butuan
  • balangaybutuancity-rescue05.JPG
    Team Balangay to the Rescue
  • balangaybutuancity-diwata-on-land04.JPG
    Putting Diwata on Land
  • balangaybutuancity-mangrove-planting03.JPG
    Butuan Mangrove Planting
  • balangaybutuancity-disaster-management02.JPG
    Disaster Management Training in Butuan City
  • balangaybutuancity-coastal-cleanup03.JPG
    Coastal Clean-up in Butuan
  • balangaybutuancity-damaged-planks02.JPG
    Balangay's Damaged Planks
  • balangaybutuancity-arrival22.JPG
    Arrival in Butuan
  • balangaylimasawa27.JPG
  • balangaybutuancity02.JPG
    Arrival in Butuan City - November 28
  • balangaycabadbaran-to-butuan35.JPG
    Cabadbaran to Butuan
  • balangaysurigaocity19.JPG
  • balangaytagbilaran-panglao12.JPG
    Tagbilaran and Panglao
  • balangayjagnabohol03.JPG
    Jagna, Bohol
  • balangaylapingisland05.JPG
    Laping Island
  • balangayluaybohol03.JPG
    Luay, Bohol
  • balangaymaasinleyte03.JPG
    Maasin, Leyte
  • balangayapoisland06.JPG
    Apo Island, Negros Oriental
  • balangaylarenasiquijor26.JPG
    Larena, Siquijor
  • balangayargao-dumaguete11.JPG
    Argao to Dumaguete
  • balangaycebu-argao03.JPG
    Cebu to Argao
  • balangaydumaguete61.JPG
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
  • balangayargao01.JPG
    Argao, Cebu
  • balangaysiquijor01.JPG
    Siquijor, Siquijor
  • balangaydanao29.JPG
    Danao, Bohol
  • balangaycebucity04.jpg
    Cebu City, Cebu
  • balangaydanao12.JPG
    Danao City, Cebu
  • balangaybogo11.JPG
    Bogo City, Cebu
  • balangaydaanbantayan11.JPG
    Daanbantayan, Cebu
  • balangaybantayan09.JPG
    Bantayan, Cebu
  • balangaysagay17.JPG
    Sagay, Negros Occidental
  • balangaymanapla002.jpg
    Municipality of Manapla
  • balangaysilaycity10.JPG
    Silay City
  • balangaybacolod03.JPG
    Bacolod City
  • balangayguimaras17.JPG
    Guimaras Island
  • balangayiloilo28.JPG
  • balangayroxascity04.JPG
    Roxas City
  • balangaybatanaklan10.JPG
    Batan, Aklan
  • balangayibajayaklan06.JPG
    Ibajay, Aklan
  • balangaystrandedinboracay07.JPG
    Stranded in Boracay
  • balangaydisastermanagementcourseboracay29.JPG
    Disaster Management Course in Boracay
  • balangayboracay39.JPG
    Boracay Island
  • balangaydisastermanagementcourse09.JPG
    Disaster Management Course in Romblon
  • balangaylooc09.JPG
    Looc, Romblon
  • balangayalcantara03.JPG
    Alcantara, Romblon
  • balangaysanagustin10.JPG
    San Agustin, Romblon
  • balangayconcepcion03.JPG
    Maestro de Campo
  • balangaypola02.JPG
    Pola, Oriental Mindoro
  • balangaycalapan04.JPG
    Calapan, Oriental MIndoro
  • balangaypuertogalera05.JPG
    Puerto Galera
  • balangaymaidenvoyage03.jpg
    Maiden Voyage
  • balangaylastsailpractice06.jpg
    Balangay Last Training Sail
  • balangaylaunch066.jpg
    Balangay Launching
  • 0509066.jpg
    May 2009
  • april0918.jpg
    April 2009
  • 120835.jpg
    December 2008
  • 110817.jpg
    September 2008
  • 07082306.jpg
    July 2008