Balangay Video Playlist

Balangay Work Area Flooded in Butuan

The working area of the Balangay in Butuan got caught up in a flood after heavy rains.
  • 1.Sama TawiTawi at Bacolod City port ready to move to her final destination-Calumangan, Bago
    Sama Tawi-Tawi's Final Destination
  • 12.Diwata finally secured on land and place in history.jpg
    Diwata Ng Lahi at the National Museum
  • 1 Diwata waiting to be pulled on land upon high tide at the Philippine Coast HQ-Manila-March 24, 201
    Diwata Ng Lahi at the National Museum
  • balangay3.jpg
    Balangay Flotilla's Arrival in Manila
  • balangay1.jpg
    Aerial Shots of Balangay Flotilla
  • sihanoukvilletokertih09.JPG
    Sihanouk Ville to Kertih
  • sihanoukvilletosiemreap04.JPG
    Sihanouk Ville to Siem Reap
  • kohkongtosihanoukville08.JPG
    Koh Kong to Sihanouk Ville
  • bangkoktokohkong15.JPG
    Bangkok to Koh Kong
  • bangkok03.JPG
  • khanomtobangkok10.JPG
    Khanom to Bangkok
  • kertihtotambelan10.JPG
    Kertih to Tambelan
  • kertihtokuching05.JPG
    Going Back to Kertih - Kuching
  • tambelan09.JPG
  • taprohm01.JPG
    Ta Prohm, Cambodia
  • cambodiaisland03.JPG
    Cambodia Island
  • angkorwat17.JPG
    Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  • angkorthom02.JPG
    Angkor Thom, Cambodia
  • angkorthom04.JPG
    Angkor Thom, Cambodia
  • balangay-terrangganu-incoming-03.JPG
  • balangay-singapore-city-tour-23.JPG
  • balangay-sandakan-22.JPG
  • balangay-pulau-tigabu-kodat-kota-belud-15.JPG
    Pulau Tigabu, Kodat and Kota Belud
  • balangay-labuan-28.JPG
  • balangay-kuching-39.JPG
  • balangay-kuantan-city-malaysia-40.JPG
    Kuantan City, Malaysia
  • balangay-kirtih-malaysia-08.JPG
    Kirtih Malaysia
  • balangay-indonesia-31.JPG
  • balangay-brunei-07.JPG
    Brunei 2
  • balangay-bangkok-thailand-35.JPG
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • balangay-entering-malaysia-18.JPG
    Entering Malaysia
  • bruneiTOmiri24.JPG
    Brunei to Miri
  • brunei25.JPG
  • DSC_0107.JPG
    Labuan to Brunei
  • DSC_0132.JPG
    Labuan to Brunei
  • DSC_0089.JPG
    Kota Kinabalu to Labuan
  • DSC_0023.JPG
    Kota Kinabalu to Labuan
  • kotakinabalu06.JPG
    Kota Kinabalu
  • kotakinabalu01.JPG
    Kota Kinabalu
  • kotakinabalu10.JPG
    Kota Kinabalu
  • balangay-sitangkai2008.JPG
    Sitangkay enroute to Sindakan
  • balangay-turtle-island011.JPG
    Turtle Island
  • balangay-simunol-islands039.JPG
    Simunol Islands
  • balangay-bonggao-sibuto002.JPG
    Bonggao to Sibuto
  • balangay-langoyan-part2-039.JPG
    Langoyan 2
  • balangay-jolo-sulu016.JPG
    Jolo Sulu
  • balangay-jolo-sulu007.JPG
    Jolo Sulu
  • balangay-bongao05.JPG
  • balangay-jolo-to-languyan13.JPG
    Jolo to Languyan
  • balangay-jolo45.jpg
  • balangay-cawit-to-paseo05.jpg
    Cawit to Paseo
  • balangay-sato-raypon-dry-dock28.jpg
    Dry Dock
  • balangay-dapitan-to-zamboanga12.jpg
    Dapitan to Zamboanga
  • balangay-camiguin-to-dapitan21.jpg
    Camiguin to Dapitan
  • balangay-sama-send-off40.jpg
    Sending Off Sama Tawi
  • balangay-sama-send-off03.jpg
    Sending Off Sama Tawi
  • balangayolutanga04.JPG
  • balangayglansarangani13.jpg
    Glan, Sarangani
  • balangaygeneralsantos01.jpg
    Arrival in General Santos
  • balangaygeneralsantos23.jpg
    Arrival in General Santos
  • balangaykiamba07.JPG
  • balangaykalamansig34.JPG
  • balangaydavaogulfsato04.JPG
    Rough Ride Entering the Davao Gulf
  • balangaydeparturezamboanga15.JPG
    Departure Zamboanga City
  • balangayrepairszamboanga14.JPG
    Repairs at Zamboanga Navy Base
  • balangaypaseodelmar04.JPG
    Paseo Del Mar, Zamboanga City
  • balangayPCGThanksgiving04.JPG
    PCG Thanksgiving
  • balangaycoastalcleanup17.JPG
    Coastal Clean Up Feb. 27, 2010
  • balangaynavyzamboanga28.JPG
    Arrivial in Zamboanga City
  • balangaysibuco03.JPG
    Sibuco, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangaysiocon25.JPG
    Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangaylabason70.JPG
    Labason, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangaysindangan59.JPG
    Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangayconcepcion005.JPG
    Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangaydapitan17.JPG
    Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte
  • balangaysymposiuminozamis07.JPG
    Symposium in Ozamis
  • balangaydapitan02.JPG
  • balangayinitaokids13.JPG
    Kids of Initao
  • balangayiligan14.JPG
  • balangayholcimswelcomelugait23.JPG
    Holcim's Welcome in Lugait
  • balangayapproachingiligan10.jpg
    Approaching Illigan
  • balangayandybday12.JPG
    Andy's Birthday
  • balangaycagayandeoro36.JPG
    Cagayan De Oro
  • balangay-butuan-send-off21.jpg
    Send off Ceremony from Butuan
  • balangay-butuan-launching-sponsors05.jpg
    Balangay Sponsors
  • balangay-masawa-hong-butuan-launching17.jpg
    Masawa Hong Butuan Launching
  • balangay-building-site-visitors29.jpg
    Balangay Visitors
  • balangay-butuan-UN-Ambassador-visit03.jpg
    UN Ambassador Visits the Butuan Site
  • balangay-dr-ted-birthday02.jpg
    Dr. Ted's Birthday
  • balangay-flooded-site-butuan02.JPG
    Balangay Work Area Flooded in Butuan
  • balangay-installing-yakal-mast09.jpg
    Installing Yakal Mast
  • balangay-repairs-sail-butuan02.jpg
    Repairs of Sail and Boodle Fight w/ the Phil. Navy
  • balangay-repairs-diwata09.jpg
    Repairs of Diwata
  • balangay-building-bigger-tiririt04.jpg
    Building a bigger "Tiririt"
  • balangay-building-masawa-hong-butuan08.JPG
    Building of Masawa Hong Butuan
  • balangay-balingoan-misamis-oriental05.jpg
    Balingoan, Misamis Oriental
  • balangay-agusan-del-norte03.jpg
    Carmen, Agusan del Norte
  • balangay-agusan-national-highschool05.jpg
    Agusan National High School Symposium
  • balangaybutuancity-symposium-launching21.JPG
    Symposium and Launching in Butuan
  • balangaybutuancity-rescue05.JPG
    Team Balangay to the Rescue
  • balangaybutuancity-diwata-on-land04.JPG
    Putting Diwata on Land
  • balangaybutuancity-mangrove-planting03.JPG
    Butuan Mangrove Planting
  • balangaybutuancity-disaster-management02.JPG
    Disaster Management Training in Butuan City
  • balangaybutuancity-coastal-cleanup03.JPG
    Coastal Clean-up in Butuan
  • balangaybutuancity-damaged-planks02.JPG
    Balangay's Damaged Planks
  • balangaybutuancity-arrival22.JPG
    Arrival in Butuan
  • balangaylimasawa27.JPG
  • balangaybutuancity02.JPG
    Arrival in Butuan City - November 28
  • balangaycabadbaran-to-butuan35.JPG
    Cabadbaran to Butuan
  • balangaysurigaocity19.JPG
  • balangaytagbilaran-panglao12.JPG
    Tagbilaran and Panglao
  • balangayjagnabohol03.JPG
    Jagna, Bohol
  • balangaylapingisland05.JPG
    Laping Island
  • balangayluaybohol03.JPG
    Luay, Bohol
  • balangaymaasinleyte03.JPG
    Maasin, Leyte
  • balangayapoisland06.JPG
    Apo Island, Negros Oriental
  • balangaylarenasiquijor26.JPG
    Larena, Siquijor
  • balangayargao-dumaguete11.JPG
    Argao to Dumaguete
  • balangaycebu-argao03.JPG
    Cebu to Argao
  • balangaydumaguete61.JPG
    Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
  • balangayargao01.JPG
    Argao, Cebu
  • balangaysiquijor01.JPG
    Siquijor, Siquijor
  • balangaydanao29.JPG
    Danao, Bohol
  • balangaycebucity04.jpg
    Cebu City, Cebu
  • balangaydanao12.JPG
    Danao City, Cebu
  • balangaybogo11.JPG
    Bogo City, Cebu
  • balangaydaanbantayan11.JPG
    Daanbantayan, Cebu
  • balangaybantayan09.JPG
    Bantayan, Cebu
  • balangaysagay17.JPG
    Sagay, Negros Occidental
  • balangaymanapla002.jpg
    Municipality of Manapla
  • balangaysilaycity10.JPG
    Silay City
  • balangaybacolod03.JPG
    Bacolod City
  • balangayguimaras17.JPG
    Guimaras Island
  • balangayiloilo28.JPG
  • balangayroxascity04.JPG
    Roxas City
  • balangaybatanaklan10.JPG
    Batan, Aklan
  • balangayibajayaklan06.JPG
    Ibajay, Aklan
  • balangaystrandedinboracay07.JPG
    Stranded in Boracay
  • balangaydisastermanagementcourseboracay29.JPG
    Disaster Management Course in Boracay
  • balangayboracay39.JPG
    Boracay Island
  • balangaydisastermanagementcourse09.JPG
    Disaster Management Course in Romblon
  • balangaylooc09.JPG
    Looc, Romblon
  • balangayalcantara03.JPG
    Alcantara, Romblon
  • balangaysanagustin10.JPG
    San Agustin, Romblon
  • balangayconcepcion03.JPG
    Maestro de Campo
  • balangaypola02.JPG
    Pola, Oriental Mindoro
  • balangaycalapan04.JPG
    Calapan, Oriental MIndoro
  • balangaypuertogalera05.JPG
    Puerto Galera
  • balangaymaidenvoyage03.jpg
    Maiden Voyage
  • balangaylastsailpractice06.jpg
    Balangay Last Training Sail
  • balangaylaunch066.jpg
    Balangay Launching
  • 0509066.jpg
    May 2009
  • april0918.jpg
    April 2009
  • 120835.jpg
    December 2008
  • 110817.jpg
    September 2008
  • 07082306.jpg
    July 2008